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We would like to personally welcome you to our online home. The miracle of technology allows us to present the gospel of Jesus Christ to people across the planet. This web site helps us to accomplish our mission of bringing the gospel of Jesus Christ to as many people as we can. You can find our radio program and the church broadcasts on this page so if you can't join us on sunday at our service, due to location, you can also listen. You can also find us on Youtube, spodify, and most other podcast streaming platforms by searching for "Reaching Out Ministries Canada". This Webpage will be updated soon. Our main goal is to bring the word of God to as many people as we can in the short time that is left. Welcome and God Bless you as you browse through our site.God richly bless you all.


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Our mission

Reaching Out Ministries was founded to help spread God's word. The Ministry has helped to spread the word of God as far away as Africa. We have expanded out to radio, and the internet. Our main goal from the beginning and still today is to reach our hutterite friends, family, and peers, and also as many people throughout the world as possible, through radio, internet, and face to face.


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